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  • Core Services

    Our core service offereings...

    Core Network Management Services

    SoReal Solutions delivers premium IT services to companies that depend heavily on their IT systems for their day to day operations.

    Our technology management model incorporates a unique 6-step approach:

    1. Strategic IT Planning: By strategically partnering with your company we are
    able to understand your technology needs and provide guidance on how you can
    achieve maximum return on your technology investment.

    2. Proactive Maintenance: By proactively managing infrastructure,
    we achieve optimal performance and reliability.
    Also, by performing all of these important maintenance tasks after hours,
    we ensure that your business can achieve maximum productivity.

    3. Real-time Monitoring, Analysis and Feedback: Our sophisticated monitoring and
    management systems allow us to constantly monitor your systems in real-time.
    This allows us to respond rapidly to any issues that may arise;
    many times this rapid reaction enables us to avoid more serious problems from occurring.

    4. Professional Support: Our friendly team of technical experts are there to help you with any support requests.

    5. Performance Reporting: Our advanced reporting systems allow us to analyse the
    performance of your systems, as well as our own service levels. These reports
    are provided to you on a regular basis, giving you the information for critical
    insight into the health of your network.

    6. ISP Services: SoReal solutions offers integrated internet service provider
    services, this includes web hosting, managed or unmanaged internet connectivity,
    hosting services at our Isando or Samrand Data Center facilities

  • Outsourcing Programs

    Outsources IT Support...

    Outsourcing Programs

    Every business needs reliable IT support to run effectively. We provide outsourced IT support and maintenance solutions for small to medium sized companies with any amount of computers, on either an ad hoc basis or Service Level Agreement contract.

  • Consultation Services

    Variety of Consultation Services...

    Consultation Services

    Our experienced staff will assist you in making the right decisions when planning your ICT infrastructure.
    Poor planning can result in lost business and many headaches.

  • Remote IT Support

    Remote assistance...

    Remote IT Support Services

    We found that more than 50% of all IT related problems can be resolved remotely via the internet. This makes great sense in times where IT support turnaround times and the high fuel price effects our businesses. In keeping with cost savings, We have developed remote support utilities to aid in the remote support process.

  • Money Saving Ideas

    Great Advice on whats hot or not...

    Money Saving Ideas

    Our experts follow new technology, and are able to assist in making the right choice
    for your business, we have years of experience, and understand the difference between hype, and actual productive products

  • Networking Solutions

    Network Solutions...

    Network Solutions

    From network cabling, to 10 gigabit fibre switches,
    Share resources throughout the office, automate tasks and communicate
    effectively with other team members with high-speed, reliable ethernet and fibre networks ,
    secure wireless networks or wide area networks. We offer a full range of services
    including high speed wireless links, fibre links and even LTE routing solutions

  • Service Maintenance

    Maintenance is the best prevention...

    Service Maintenance

    We will keep your computers up and running with our maintenance services. From removing viruses and updating software, to replacing faulty hardware. You can rely on us for trustworthy and affordable maintenance.

  • Hardware Provision

    Provision of Firewalls, Server, Software and so much more...

    IT Related Hardware Provision

    Let us source the best available hardware for your specific needs to give you peace of mind when replacing computer equipment.

    Some of the brands we offer:


    And many many more....

  • Dedicates Sales Team

    SoReal Solutions has a dedicated sales team...

    Dedicates Sales Team

    SoReal Solutions has a dedicated sales team.

    This team is able to give good advice and recommend compatible reliable solutions. These skills have been acquired through years of experience. Contact our sales team and give them a try!